Store Hours

Pro Shop & Services

  • Lacrosse Stick Restringing (Price varies based on mesh, sidewall and shooter strings used)
  • Skate sharpening (For $9.00 and more often than not, that same day)
  • We also offer a skate sharpening card (For $90.00) that gets you 11 sharpens
  • Replace skate rivets (Prices vary based on labour and parts)
  • Replace skate holders and inline to ice conversions or vice versa (Prices vary based on labour and parts)
  • Punch out and stretch skates in sore spots
  • Helmet parts such as chin straps and screws (Prices are quantity based) and can also fit cages
  • Stick Cutting
  • Equipment cleaning ($36.75, equipment must be completely dry and takes approximately an hour)
  • Skate heat molding (At no charge)

Theres probably more we're forgetting about so if you don't see it here, give us a call or drop in!